Super Star Business Theme

StarBusiness is for those who need a clean, well-organized and professional-looking WordPress theme. Its great platform – ideal for business of all sizes – also includes many useful features:

Customizable Header Slideshow

A fully customizable jQuery slideshow to present your portfolio or products in your site’s header. Choose the category to display the slides from, the time interval between slides, the maximum number of slides shows, and many other useful settings.

Portfolio Slideshow

A great way to create a gallery of images for ‘Portfolio’ posts.

Threaded Comments

Support for threaded comments in WordPress 2.7.

Highlighted Search Text

Search-phrases highlighted in yellow to increase ease of searching.


Detailed instructions with screenshots showing how to setup and customize the theme.

8 Color Schemes

Eight beautiful color styles to choose from in the WordPress Admin Panel: four main colors (orange, blue, green and red) combined with two top colors (white and black).

Built-in Breadcrumbs

Customizable, built-in breadcrumbs (without the need for additional plug-ins).

Tabbed Menu

Elegant, Java-scripted, tabbed menus with dynamic displays for ‘News/Blog’ and ‘Portfolio’ categories.

Tabbed Settings Page in WordPress Admin

Easily customize the theme without worrying about the source code with seven theme-option tabs: ‘General’, ‘Slideshow’, ‘News/Blog’, ‘Portfolio’, ‘Sidebar’, ‘Footer’ and ‘Color Schemes’.

Compatible with Most-Popular Browsers

Each theme coded in valid XHTML/CSS and compatible with recent versions of all most-popular browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari).

Super Star Business Theme Demo & Download

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